Posted by: ginalazenby | March 8, 2020

News reports about the Corona Virus could be more dangerous than the virus itself 


How can that be?

Well….. if you put things into perspective, the damage that the constant bad news stories about this crisis is doing, is potentially more harmful to our psyche.  According to health specialist Nick Haines, every time we hear a media report of another death, it is hard not to get triggered.  Even though our rational intellect reminds us that we are OK, as the news channels drip-feed the number of cases diagnosed, our sub-conscious mind gets into action. 

Nick, who was an acupuncturist for 35 years treating tens of thousands of patients, says our immune system, which every day is fighting off bacteria and viruses to keep us safe, goes into panic alert mode.  That’s when we start to create a stress response in our bodies which can compromise our own ability to keep well and fight off any outside intruding virus .. not just Corona. Fear starts to diminish our ability to keep well.

If there was a running total of deaths by all causes, every day, we would put this virus epidemic into the right perspective.  According to the What Doctors Don’t Tell You news report this week (reporting from New England Journal of Medicine), Corona Virus is likely no more deadly than seasonal flu which claims 650,000 worldwide every year.  Nick highlights that less than 3,500 deaths have happened from Corona Virus in the last 3 months since it hit the headlines.  Compare this total to the 1,200 who die, every single day, from suicide. If we had those two totals running along  like a meter on the TV news screens, people would more likely rush out and take on mental wellbeing as a massive priority. Instead many are considering cancelling travel, staying at home and self isolating. Whilst each Corona Virus death is tragic, we know it is those who are most vulnerable who are the most likely to die if diagnosed. We have to see that we have an obligation to keep ourselves well.

Nick Haines says this global scare is actually a wake-up call for each of us to look at how we are managing our wellbeing because for the majority of people, that is the key. What can we do consistently, every day, to be calm, well and resilient? Every single lifestyle and dietary choice is either moving us in the direction of wellness or away from it and towards disease. Everything we do every choice we make. The  disease of fear is as powerful as a virus. We need to lower our stress levels, be kind and take better care of ourselves. 

Unofficial Tips 

  • Keep Calm and Carry on .. literally. Stress will make you ill. It wears down your adrenal glands and upsets your whole system, chipping away at your capacity to be resilient 
  • Listen to Official Advice and yes…. do keep washing your hands
  • Take really good care of yourself … look at what you are doing now to be kind to yourself and work out what better, and healthier, choices you can make
  • Don’t be tempted to overload your house with germ-fighting chemicals. Tea Tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial while Colloidal Silver is anti-viral. Dissolve some in water to spray around anywhere that you think might have been exposed to virus carriers (everywhere probably). It is non-toxic.

It is definitely a case of taking on traditional British advice and “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Or , as we say in Yorkshire… put the kettle on and let’s have a brew.


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