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Gina Lazenby – inspiring women for success in business & at home. Philosophy: Success without balance in all aspects of life is not success. KEY WORDS: Social entrepreneur, champion for women in business, best-selling author, Yorkshire-woman, Global citizen, clarity, professional cook, feng shui wisdom, authenticity, maven, PR maestro, pioneer, change agent, wholefood, nature, technology, transformation, empower women, home-maker, trail-blazer, wisdom, making a difference, Hunger Project, Apple Mac, inner peace, balance, retreats, train travel ……

woman-at-large BLOG: ………….I can see ahead a way to change the world – one woman at a time: where each of us is truly present to our purpose and the gifts we have.   We feel that it is a sacred act to step in to our potential and bring our special wisdom to the world.

This does not exclude the men; I just feel there is a woman’s way of doing things that has not been to the fore and women need to re-connect with that.   My stand in the world is to bring Feminine Wisdom to the world of commerce. For me that means love, nurturing, nourishment, win-win, inclusion, collaboration, community and joy which are values that sit right there with cashflow and profit.  And I refer to it as feminine wisdom because it is something that can be embraced and brought forth by men and women.

I am a woman out and about sharing what I see of the world, one which I feel is in need of feminine wisdom so I offer my perspective on things and share the wisdom I find from other fabulous women and men that I feel will make a difference.


Gina Lazenby is a UK based multi award-winning business woman and her best-selling books have sold over half a million copies translated into 16 languages.  With a belief that it is easier to create success from grace and ease than from hard work and stress, she uses her insights from a 20-year journey through ancient wisdom and healthy living to apply principles of flow in the workplace and in people’s lives.  In addition to her books on feng shui and The Healthy Home, Gina is also a co-author of a new collaborative book The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies Without a Net.

Gina is now enabling and empowering women’s networks on a global scale as CEO and founder of the Women Gathering Project. Using technology to enable and empower women’s networks, nurturing connection at critical points to enhance collaboration and bring women’s voices to the fore in terms of decision making and conducting business in a feminine way.
Gina has been featured regularly on TV including BBC 2 Newsnight & The Money Programme and has been a pioneer in the human potential movement by opening London’s first Personal Development Centre way back in 1994; creating the world’s first professional training school in feng shui; co-founding the Feng Shui Society in the UK; and creating a healthy building in the Yorkshire Dales, the inspiration for one of her books.

Gina has the superb gift of seeing and feeling the essence of who someone can be and then articulating it in practical ways so they can use it in their personal brand or business. She can synthesise the various strands of what a person wants to do then she brings information down from all over and offers it back in a completely new way.  For all this sounds spiritual, she is an immensely practical businesswoman.Dr Sue Barley, New Zealand

As Co-Founder of The Women Gathering Project, Gina is moving with Flow to support the women’s business movement as the Rise of the Feminine. An amazing cook and entertainer, Gina brings love and openness to gatherings around the world for wherever she is, there is a celebration of life and love. Within this formidable Host and Chef, is a powerful business woman who has organizational and technological skills that must be witnessed because she won’t let on about her many, many successes in the old guard regimes of the past“.  Jack Austin, Los Angeles


  1. I like your ethos!!

  2. Just thought I would take a peek at your blog and I am delightfully surprised!

  3. Gina, I saw you briefly online at Global Goddess. Unfortunately that site doesn’t seem too active of late. I must admit I haven’t been active there myself so will have to make an effort. I know Nicole, it’s founder, so will need to get back into it.

    If you’re looking for a good site to connect with people online (particularly women) check out Business Women Unite. Its Australian, which is why I use it, but its developing a very good international following and has a very large and active membership.

    All the best

  4. Oops! website – businesswomenunite.net

  5. spot on!
    i have had a revelation that if i fololow my haert that fashion is not everything for me anymore. I want to help and empower women and i am having enormous reward from my home business – Arbonne that i have introduced to my best friend family and strangers!
    what a surprize. this brings me closer to myy passion of loving people – win win!
    thank you for this clarity providerd by Ann kelly of relationship dynamics.
    if other women would like to find out more i would love to help!

  6. Hi Gina – I just love what you are doing and I agree, that the feminine or rather the male/female energetic dynamic needs to come into balance.

    Society and indeed the world of commerce has been primarily dominated by the masculine dynamic that for a working woman to succeed, she has had to go into her masculine on an ongoing daily basis as well as be expected to revert to her feminine energy when back at home. This constant transitioning can be exhausting and stressful and not only effects us women personally but all of our relationships as well.

    Again, I just love that your work is about bringing the feminine back into balance/harmony as it is a reflection of my journey.

    All the best!

  7. Gina,
    It was great to meet up with you! Thanks for the beautiful photos you took. I truly enjoyed last Saturday’s evening at the Prince of Teck. Wonderful like-minded people. Like you, it’s my 1st time and now that I’d been, I wouldn’t want to miss it in the future. I read some of your writings and think what you’re doing is great! We MUST bring the Divine Feminine back into it’s former glory – when the SUN was refered to as Feminine rather than Masculine in times gone by before the kaliyuga cycle 26,000 years ago! Thanks for doing the work and thanks for being you! Much love and radiance, Chooi

  8. Morning Gina,
    I have read your Feng Shui essay on one magazine.It sounds meaningful and great to me. Especially the point of a good designer who should taylor made a space and a sense of good feng shui individually.
    Actually, I am from a magazine which is named as “Property Finder”, and I explore that your research is indeed suitable our readers. I do believe it’s our pleasure that invite you to write something which is related to this topic in our magazine.
    If you are interested in that, would you mind send me your email that I can send you more details in regard to this issue.
    Thank you so much.


    • Happy to help, let me know what you need. Thanks for asking. Gina

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