Events in London

Monday May 21st in London 2012

Come meet spiritual elder and wise woman Dadi Janki at a gathering just for women

Exploring women’s leadership in creating a new world – where do we start? how do we prepare ourselves ?

Come meet Dadi Janki on Monday night May 21st central London. Read more on the Facebook booking page

Location is Mayfair, arrive 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start… until 9pm

Join other women in learning the secrets of accomplishing what it is you are here to do in the world in a state of grace with the power of inner peace and boundless spiritual energy.



Visit the website for this event in Bali in May 2011

Thursday October 14th in London 2010

Inspired Entrepreneur Network host Nick Williams has asked Gina to share the power of Wealth Dynamics to his community. The evening also coincides with the launch of the Gina’s latest book “The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies without a Net”. Nick has ordered a special delivery of this book so every attendee will be given their own free copy. (valued at £22 inc shipping from the USA).   Non-members are very welcome and will pay £20 – less than the cost of the book you will be given!

Read more & book the evening event here.

Nick Williams has a brilliant network and resources for those setting up in business for themselves or wanting to create an enterprise around what they love doing. Check out the free guide to Discovering the Work you were Born to Do, and the many video interviews.

Watch the video on Youtube of Nick interviewing Gina about Wealth Dynamics and the October event…..

Visit the Inspired Entrepreneur Website to BOOK THE EVENT

Find out more about Gina’s new book available in paperback and as an online multi-media experience


Saturday September 25th in London 2010

Gina was the founding Chairman of the world’s first Feng Shui Society back in 1993. She is seen here with the current chairman Simon Brown and two previous chairmen, Raymond Catchpole and Jon Sandifer.

Events in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Tuesday February 9th in Sydney 2010

Join Gina at the Brahma Kumaris Centre, 99 Crown St, East Sydney for an evening talk on Caring Economics. FREE. 6-8pm.

Wednesday March 4th in Sydney 2009

Join Gina at the Brahma Kumaris Centre, 99 Crown St, East Sydney for an evening talk on Life Flow. FREE. 6-8pm. Gina will weave her magic and share her knowledge of feng shui, ancient wisdom, practical tips, shortcuts and meditation to show you how to get into flow so your life is EASIER.

Sunday March 8th in Sydney 2009

march-8-seminarJoin Gina for a One-Day-Special on International Women’s Day in Sydney. Location is the Vibe Hotel, central Sydney 9-5pm.  Visit the website. A day of transformation for women looking at who is the NEW Business Woman and how do we get our lives into FLOW so we can do more but with less effort.  Visit the website. You’ll take away some great tips on how to create a flourishing life, how you can use your home as a source of power, what you can do to play a bigger game, and of course practical tips for your personal life and business that will definitely help you leap forward.

Events in Hong Kong, CHINA

Guest Speaker at the Women Business Owners Club on Thursday March 12th


  1. We would love to interview you on our AND THE WOMEN GATHER RADIO Show Saturday April 18, 2009 6pm Est.

    We are located on South Beach, Florida

  2. I am a designer of a line of jewelry, and I am an activist on DV and has founded a program to teach women and children fine art. We are in three locations here in the Phoenix,AZ area.

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