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The Healthy Home in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The inspiration for Gina's books and venue for Retreats

The Healthy Home in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The inspiration for Gina's books and venue for Retreats

Life Flow – feng shui and more …


“I had never really considered the possibility of having a Feng Shui make-over for our home. However, I had the wonderful experience to attend a talk by Gina and realised a lot of things happening in my life was also being reflected in my home. My wife and I are so happy that we decided to have Gina conduct a Feng Shui consultation which uncovered and highlighted key challenges in our home. We have since taken Gina’s advice and remarkably our lives have taken a turn for the better in terms of our relationship (with our children as well), finances, and peace of mind. I have come to understand that our home is such an important part of our lives and also how it also impacts what happens outside the walls  – Thank-you Gina for making a difference to our lives.”
Les & Naoko Gordon, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

“Having lost my job a while back and got stuck in getting started again I was happy to take on board her suggestions. The results I obtained shortly afterwards were magical. Almost immediately I was offered an executive posting which lasted until I retired.  My wife and I now use those fundamental principles we learned together under Gina’s guidance to create a home where all visitors tell us they feel immediately ‘at home’ and cherished.  So I really do encourage others to go with the flow!”

Roy Dingle, retired executive, London & Annercy, France.

What happens on a Life Flow Consultation with Gina Lazenby

Gina will arrive at your residence for a meeting and tour of the property.  There is no need to make any special preparation but most people have heard about the role of clutter in feng shui and will feel the need to whizz round their home and give it an extra tidy.  That’s up to you!  Here are the 3 stages of a consultation:

The first part of the session is a relaxed conversation about what is going on in your life and what you might want to change and make different.  Gina uses a sequence of questions to guide her to the areas that might be of concern for you.

With this life audit complete, you can then take Gina on a tour of your home for her to note what is happening in your environment. She usually asks questions about how you use the spaces and perhaps the history of certain objects or artworks.  Gina is looking for patterns being played out in the environment that hold clues for you and will help you to move forward if certain changes or adjustments are made.  This is all done in the context of the original discussion of what you said you wanted to make better in your life or work.

Finally, the last part is feedback from Gina where, you sit down with her and she will discuss her observations and make recommendations for any changes that she thinks will be useful.  This is also a collaborative process where recommendations made are in line with your lifestyle and decor.  Gina will often guide you to finding your own solutions instead of dictating how anything should be done. Gina’s focus is always on empowering the occupants of a home to take control and understand why recommendations are being made and feeling like they can make their own adjustments in the future.


  1. Gina,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your wonderful site….do you ever work in the New York area? Thank you.

    Ralph Buchalter

    • Hello Ralph. Thank you.
      I sometimes come to New York – I absolutely love it.
      In fact only recently I was offered a Home Exchange there. Much of my travel is to Australia and the East – actually wherever the chi is calling me.
      What is your interest? why would the chi call me to New York??
      Blessings – Gina

  2. Dear Gina,
    I wish we could get your consultation as I feel stuck and imprisoned in our home. I must actually forse myself to open the gate. In some Feng Shui book I read about how this feeling may be affected by a tall neighbouring building. We have one – a hudge hospital just across the street.
    Can we do something? It’s really exhausting to forse oneself every time, so I rather choose not to go outside. But this makes impossible to live my life fully.
    Thank you so much for your encouragement!
    Best wishes,

    P.S. We live in Lithuania. I suppose you don’t travel this area 🙂

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