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How to Increase your Spiritual Intelligence 

Our biggest gathering so far with over 50 of us at the Avalon Centre for Wellbeing & Transformation

For September’s Conscious Cafe meet up in Skipton we had Jan Cisek explaining how to increase our spiritual health by increasing our spiritual intelligence.  Understanding the theory is important for understanding but practice is key. However, the more we can understand spiritual intelligence, the better our practice will be.

The event was broadcast on Facebook live in two sessions. We recorded Jan’s opening presentation (about 20 mins) but we don’t record contributions from the audience. A second video (about 30 mins) continues with Jan, after the group did a sharing exercise and gave feedback. Click on the links. It’s well worth watching.

Expand your idea of what Intelligence is 

Intelligence has been linked to learning and knowledge but we do have many different intelligences, with IQ being just one. You might have heard of emotional intelligence but add to that anything that you are really good at and have developed skills for, it means you have developed that intelligence .. like parenting, musical, social, mathematical, kinesthetic, physical for sport, logic, visual, artistic and reflective.  

Jan particularly highlighted reflective intelligence as being the most important here because it teaches us HOW to learn and how to evolve. As an individual person we are composed of many different parts made up of these multiple intelligences. (Take some time to consider what you various intelligences are … it will be a good boost to personal self esteem).

There are now about 4,000 papers written about the benefits of spirituality and religion. To begin with no distinction was made between the two, so both aspects are studied but we now know there is a difference as religious study has more about dogma.

The next frontier of learning is how we can boost our spiritual health. Physical, mental and emotional health are accepted ideas that have been well understood now it is timely for us to start to understand more about spiritual wellbeing.

Government-backed programme

This is the first time the government has backed a learning programme in spirituality and the resulting education development has been led by author and mystical education specialist William Bloom. With this diploma, Jan Cisek says he can train people to boost their spiritual wellbeing in schools and hospitals. He recommends it as a good option for a new career choice.


What is spirituality?

A most useful definition, based on scientific research, is a blend of three key things which overlap: Connection to a bigger life; Peace of Mind and Care and Compassion.


Spiritual and Personal development differ

In spiritual development we are asking questions about who we are, discovering ourselves, asking “who am I?”.  Whereas, in personal development our focus is about creating ourselves, asking questions about  “who do I want to become?” 

Spiritual development is more about waking up to our spiritual nature and our sense of being alive. It’s also timeless, whereas personal development is where we learn to grow up and is much more temporary as we keep growing and changing. It’s the human part of being a human being. Fixing problems in your life is probably best done by focusing on personal development.  It’s only really in the last 25 years that we have made distinctions between these two.

Stages of personal development

The journey we make through our life from early on as a baby, from what is called an ‘archaic’ stage, through a ‘magical’ stage (yes that’s when we believe in Santa Claus!)… to a mythic stage (believing in Gods and beings) to ‘ethnocentric’ where we register our belonging to family and tribe, then ‘world-centric’ as we expand to know our place in the world and finally Kosmo-centric where we feel at one with the world.

States of consciousness

All spiritual traditions, whatever language they use, will agree on this progression of states, starting with simply being awake. Another state we are familiar with is dreaming and some of us may have access to lucid dreaming, where we actually feel in control of what we are dreaming about.  Every night we also know that we drop down into the sleep state. Another state is ‘witnessing” where you are aware of yourself and the world around you and ultimately there is the stage of ‘non-dual oneness’ you feel at one with the world, and there is no separation.  Research suggests that 60% of people have actually experienced this non-dual oneness and enlightenment although they may not have known it at the time. 

In the witnessing state, your consciousness expands and you become aware of the room or space that you are in.. it’s when you move to the next level that you realise that you and the room are one. Witnessing means that you realise the mountain is inside of you, non-dual oneness is when you realise you are the mountain .. you are everything. Physics is actually catching up with this notion. This concept of oneness is not an illusion. The illusion is that we are separate. On a quantum level we are all one. Don’t get hung up on terminology .. there are many different ways to express the same thing. So, how do we get to these timeless higher states of witnessing and oneness? Until now religion has been responsible for studying these higher states but now science is interested. We have the technology to hook people to machines and measure internal brain wave patterns. A new exciting future is opening up for all of us.

How does it feel to be in these states?

Feelings and emotions are different. Feeling is an awareness of an emotion. I feel angry means that I am aware that I am angry.

Deep sleep is a very refreshing state and we need to aim to have that by optimising our environment for it. Witnessing is a state where we feel bliss, peace and inclusiveness, and this is quite an accessible state. Non-Dual oneness, spoken about in many different traditions gives us access to feelings of love, fullness and completeness.


What is the function of spirituality?

Connection: this gives us mindfulness, access to oneness, trust and faith making us more relaxed, and gives us energy. When there is a feeling of separation there is always fear so if we can feel connected and in tune with oneness we can leave that fear behind.

Peace of Mind:  We have clarity, we feel easier and relaxed, it’s good for our health, and helps us focus.

Care and Compassion: this is about your Life Purpose, where we feel our lives have meaning, being of service and focusing on a vocation.




To download a copy of this manual click here

EXERCISE (Page 4 of the handout manual)

Take a few minutes to answer these three questions (there are no right or wrong answers):

  1. Connection: In what circumstances do you most easily connect with the wonder and energy of life? Think about what triggers you .. you don’t need a big list.
  2. Inner Peace: How do you get that inner peace .. what do you do to get it?
  3. Care & Compassion: When and where have you enjoyed caring for someone of something?

Finding the route to a state of bliss

Brought up in a Catholic family in a small town in Poland, right at a very young age Jan asked himself three questions. They came into his head after praying, and bored after repeatedly praying the same prayers, these questions dropped in and he found himself in a state of bliss. 

  • What is beyond God?
  • What would the world look like if I didn’t exist?
  • What is infinity and eternity?

The bliss state can be triggered by asking powerful questions. Even listening to birds singing can do that also, and recent research has highlighted that listening to the natural sound of birds can be as good as meditation. Explore and find your own route to bliss. By knowing that meditation is not the ONLY route, this can validate any route that is personal to you. Create as many triggers was you can to get into that state. Meditation is not always easy! It is simple but not easy and some people can find it really difficult. Persevere gently but don’t pursue this if it is a real stressor for you. Know that there are other routes.

Create Sacred Space in your home

  • Biophilia effect – connecting with the power of nature. In hospitals, research has found that beds nearer the window helped patients recover more quickly.
  • Illusion of landscape is almost as good as the real thing … use photographs and murals where no good views of nature are available.
  • Forest-Bathing – being out in the woods in a slow mindful way is very restorative
  • Plants in your home: air cleansing plants include spider and lily. They boost creativity .. plenty of research from NASA.
  • Shapes shape our reality: nothing in nature is straight and humans never walk in a straight line. People will usually express a preference, both consciously and unconsciously, for curves rather than angles and straight lines.
  • Soft words are associated with soft lines and the opposite with harsh words and sharp objects.
  • Round shapes in your home will increase a sense of wholeness and completeness in your space.
  • Fractality: a measure of complexity where mathematically, self similar patterns expand out, repeating themselves. Nature is fractal. Snowflakes are fractal. Our brains are fractal. We see fractals playing out in our environment: people respond differently to straightforward boxy buildings with lines as opposed to older buildings with curved decoration and ornamental additions. These are so much more pleasing to us, and therefore calming. Add decorative details with beautiful complexity in your home.



  • Schumann Resonance:  The earth resonates at this frequency of 7.83Hz. There is some fluctuation. Your brain has a similar frequency. If you can stimulate your brain with this frequency you can become relaxed and experience healing.
  • Grounding: walking barefoot is actually recommended by the NHS to connect with this Schumann resonance. Even better when the grass is wet. Indoor floors have more grounding for you when they are made of ceramic rather than concrete, lino or wood.  Taking a bath is also grounding. It helps re-adjust you having been exposed to electro-magnetic fields all day. Bathing in water takes you away from these more harmful fields. Salt and magnesium can be added to our bath.
  • Sleep: how many 90-minute cycles you can achieve in a night is better than the total length of sleep. Regular deep sleep is the biggest key to health. DNA is replaced in deep sleep as well as detoxing of the body, and mind. Light disturbs melatonin production and this inhibits deeper sleep. Have a dark bedroom. Even a small speck of light (one photon) is disturbing. Red light does not have the dame disturbance. Blue and white lights are very intrusive to sleep.
  • Read more about sleep and all about electromagnetic fields in Gina Lazenby’s best-selling book

    EMF pollution: Wifi is on the electromagnetic spectrum and your brain interprets it as light. Turn the router OFF for deeper sleep. Earthing mats can help with grounding in an office. We are all sensitive .. our bodies are electromagnetic instruments .. some of us are much more sensitive than others. Electrosensitive people may have to wear special clothing and live in shielded environments. Don’t get a smart meter for your electricity. Educate yourself.

  • Electrosmog – how much more radiation penetrates your body today compared to ten years ago ? A quintillion times .. 18 zeros!
  • Mobiles: 4 minutes on a mobile can adversely affect your brain. So much research has been done. Don’t wear a mobile on your body, if you do wear  one do so in a back pocket, not a front one. Use a speaker phone or hands-free cable.
  • Geopathic stress:  disturbance in the earth’s Schumann Resonance field can create energy lines harmful to health. Helios machines can correct this. Available from
  • Inspiring images: use these in your home to connect you to a bigger context of life. Reminding you of where you are in the universe.


What’s Next? … Consciousness Studies on the rise

We are on our way to recognising consciousness.  So many studies have been done, outside of religion. We are moving away from a self-centric world to one where we become consciousness-centric. It’s a big and ongoing shift. The next thing to be prepared for is the revelation and discovery that alien life actually exists.

Recommended Books coming out soon: 

“Diamonds from Heaven: LSD and the mind of the universe by Prof Christopher Bache


The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes


WATCH Jan Cisek’s presentation recorded for Facebook Live 

Video 1 on facebook (21 minute video)

Video 2 on Facebook (30 minute video)


Don’t forget you can download a copy of the 40-page A4 manual that Jan Cisek brought with him here

Next event with Conscious Cafe Skipton is “Conscious Leadership” on 10th October. More here.



and finally my recipe for the gluten-free muffins I baked .. Recipe Conscious Cafe Sept Muffins Gluten free.

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